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IPMA Congress Hosting the 7 Figure Workshop

It has been over 2 years since the last IPMA world congress. We are bringing the congress back in 2018 and have a lot of new innovations, programs and speakers that we will be announcing soon. The congress will take place in Europe and we will be built around internet marketing and digital media.

We can so far only give out 2 speakers that will be having their presentations on how to build a 100k per year business with amazon FBA. Drumroll please…

They are…

Steve Clayton And Aidan Booth – two of the most successful internet marketers that have been doing online marketing for many years and trained many successful students. This year they will be talking about the 7 figure cycle training, which they are releasing in January 2018. The way this will work is by using wholesalers to find prices on products that you can then sell on Amazon. The Profit Blaze software does the work for you, so that you can sift through millions of products (something that has been impossible to do so far). This software will ONLY be available to people in the training course and Aidan will be having a separate presentation for anyone interested – source:

We are super excited about this and we will be sharing more information as soon as we get it.

This is a testimonial from one of their students – truly LIFE CHANGING STUFF!

That is it for now, we will be updating you soon on how things go on our side. The location is still being discussed, but it will be either in Germany or Italy.

Make sure you check back on our website for more information as we will be adding it soon! Until then, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to be updated on our work.

Latest update – the knowledge business blueprint

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson has just opened for registration. You can read more about the newly launched course at – KBB course insight. In a nutshell the course is all about transforming peoples businesses and helping them achieve more revenues as well as organizing masterminds. If you are any kind of a business owner, make sure you also check out the review of the course at

This even got mentioned on Intelligent HQ

Make sure you don’t miss out on this and check out the links we provided above.

IPMAWC Topic: Gold And Silver

With the global breakdown of the financial markets in 2008, a lot of investors turned to gold as an hedge against inflation.  At the 2015 congress we addressed the isues and tried to understand the market and take educated guesses on what is going to happen. The main topic was gold IRAs and how that can save retirement funds from losing value over time.

Rob Smith from

“In recent years after the crash, we have seen a big exponential growth in people (especially baby boomers) investing in precious metals IRAs dramatically increased. I think more and more people are aware of the fact, that the fiat currency just won’t stand the test of time”

The way a gold IRA works is by doing a rollover from an existing account. Try to imagine turning your retirement savings to gold. By including a gold Individual Retirement Account to your financial investment portfolio, you save yourself against inflation. Since March 2017, the rate at which gold is being sold us around $1,245.51, however, is including a gold in your portfolio a good idea?

A gold Individual Retirement Account is a kind of “savings” Account that enables the financier to own physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium instead of fiat currency –  money, stocks, and bonds. It was developed by Congress in 1997, states Edmund C. Moy, primary strategist for Fortress Gold and previous United States Mint director, who supervised the biggest production of gold and silver coins on the planet.

To certify as gold that can be kept as an IRA, specific requirements are needed. “The rare-earth element coins or bars need to satisfy Internal Revenue Service fineness requirements and need to be held by the Individual Retirement Account trustee instead of the Individual Retirement Account owner. The gold needs to be kept in an IRS-approved depository,” states Moy. Financiers do not, in fact, stash gold bars or bullion in their house safes or closets. You may also want to read the review of Rosland capital for more. Another good source would be


John S Rhodes and Mark Ling Present The Learn Build Earn Training Course

When you get it right, an successful digital product business can be extremely rewarding. But the thing is, you have to learn to build and earn with one – By following these suggestions on beginning your very own info item business you will be well on your method to benefiting from the boom in sales of digital info items.

1. Select a specific niche – learn to build an business

You’re searching for a specific niche where individuals routinely invest cash. As soon as, preferably more than normal.

You can get a smart idea of whether your picked town is most likely to be successful by doing a routine search on Google and searching websites like Amazon or clickbank.

Do not select too broad a town though – you’re not likely to burglarize the primary weight reduction subject over night. However you can choose a sub-niche within that town and make a good earnings from it.

If there are adverts connecting to your specific niche and if there are lots of books on it, there’s a great chance that individuals are investing cash there.

2. Develop your website and sales letter

It’s simple to presume that the items we see in daily life were constantly that way. However the Windows os didn’t get introduced as a real os till it remained in its 3rd variation. Prior to that, it was just offered as a manner in which to utilize their visual word processing program. You can always change and improve your product. You can read more about it at – the learn build earn review and bonus.

This is a town where a great deal of individuals stumble. They over-complicate the procedure and do not ever get an item developed.

So follow the time checked formula of “all set, fire, objective” and get the very first variation of your item produced earlier instead of later on. You can constantly shock your early adopters by providing them a inexpensive or totally free upgrade when you launch variation 2 however you’ll never ever get to that phase if you do not launch variation one initially.

3. Establish a site and support a list

Then include a lead capture kind – you can get those from any expert autoresponder plan – and begin providing individuals temptations to register to your list. You can then correspond with these individuals and let the start to trust you.

Usage that choice and then follow a couple of easy tutorials (there are plenty readily available on YouTube) to get it looking expert. Either method, you must be able to get your brand-new site up and running extremely quickly.

Promote your learn build earn website

The concept here is to utilize exactly what are called “long tail” keywords initially due to the fact that these are much easier to rank for in the search results page. You will not get big quantities of traffic from them however if you get it right, you will get some traffic and you can then begin the procedure of getting them onto your list so that they stand an opportunity of purchasing your item.

So do not anticipate to have countless visitors gathering to your brand-new site over night.

However you can still promote your website with traits like short articles, videos, Facebook posts, visitor posts, Tweets and great deals of other approaches.

Google has great deals of websites to fret about, not simply yours.

Selling Coaching With Free Sessions

free-session-christian-mickelsen-pdfHave you ever wondered how to effectively sell your business coaching services? The answer could be: “offering free sessions that lead to a sale” –

There are numerous reasons using a service such as the free sessions could be of big advantage to you. Here are a few scenarios that are typical for business owners.

” I was investing excessive time ‘in’ business rather than ‘on’ it”

The production of such opportunities is where service coaching really scores.

The business owner or director can be left mired ‘in’ business with insufficient time to in fact establish it. There’s often no-one to rely on for clarity, or for a goal, notified view of their genuine options and ways to make them happen. This is where you can implement the free sessions that sell strategies.

Business owners and free sessions that sell

Take this typical scenario. A business owner has built a business based upon his own proficiency or idea. But an unwillingness to hand over, plus a natural preference to stay immersed, head down, in what he’s comfortable with result in overwork, aggravation and little development. In such cases, the business coach can be an outlet and a trusted counsellor with whom organisation matters can be gone over confidentially. This exactly what Christian Mickelsen is teaching in his training course called the free sessions that sell.

” Simply 2 directors, however we were so busy business was left mostly rudderless”

Relying on a business coach by no means indicates imperfections on the part of those seeking assistance.

In fact, most of the issues organisation coaches deal with are the result of a company’s success. The goal is to ensure it continues that way.

Frequently quick development can be distracting and diverts the key players away from longer term goals. Partners fail to satisfy routinely because of ongoing dedications, and then hardly at all.

Meanwhile the sales pipeline gets alarmingly short because it’s not being actively managed and, before they know it, the business is facing a regular monthly deficit.

Training can focus attention on the company structure and systems, and point out feasible chances that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Clearly to do this properly, the coach needs to have meaningful organisation experience to share.

Difficult service experience means your business coach can frame concerns and brainstorms in an free sessions that sell organisation format that’s informed by their own pertinent experience. Clear outcomes and worth measurements can then be set for both business and the individual.

” Direction? We ‘d expanded so rapidly we ran out control”

Since they often work long hours with adverse results on family and social life, company individuals can reach an impasse.

They may be prospering professionally however in a disorganised manner in which can leave them with no clear view of their sales pipeline, or where the cash’s going. Appropriate internal structures and systems might not remain in location or working sufficiently. Their work-life balance is a disarray.

The opportunity to re-energise and re-focus is exactly what routine training sessions offer. Company people may be scampered their feet, but are they simply ‘busy being busy’ instead of delivering tangible lead to the business?

A free sessions that sell program can remind them of who they are and help them realise their own capacity by identifying where they wish to go.

” I wanted a various view of the business but wasn’t convinced coaching would provide it”

A business coach provides the point of view from which an executive can get an alternative view of the business. It’s time in which to think, check out concepts and dedicate to action.

However, state sceptics, “I can think for myself – I’ve beened around for many years!”

A great business coach is not there to make choices however to develop a space devoid of meetings, email and the telephone which clients can reliably and consistently commit to themselves and their company, and come to the outcomes they’re looking for.


Register for the IPMA 100k Factory LIVE Congress 2015

IPMA 100k Factory World Congress 2016 – Registrations Are Open!

Joining worldwide project administration events is an one-of-a-kind encounter in which you will have access to premier task administration education as well as networking opportunities. Whether you are a normal or a very first timer, you should know exactly what to do in preparation for the occasion with the 100k factory management congress 2016. Based on individual feedback from previous congresses, PMI functions to boost the customer experience in the following year’s congresses.

Although Congress might have had excellent purposes, they never seem to analyze the ramifications of their activities. However, then, Congress isn’t popular for “thinking” besides. They preached from their mountain above, that the CRA would certainly enable reduced income buyers to manage their first house which would certainly open up home ownership to millions of more Americans. What really took place was a race to the bottom.


Banks and home mortgage lenders decreased their mortgage rates and provided riskier financings compared to the lending institution nearby, or across town, to entice customers in order to date their Congress-mandated allocations. When the loan provider nearby realized they were no more competitive and were not satisfying their Congress-mandated allocations, they were required to do something otherwise be dislodged of business by the federal government. So, they decreased their rates and handed out much more risky loans. Backward and forward it went up until rates were being supplied listed below the prime rate (the rate at which financial institutions borrow from various other financial institutions or the Federal Reserve); hence, they were supplying “subprime lendings”.

One event specifically held on South Congress Avenue deserves keeping in mind other than its hectic, year round calendar of events; first Thursday. First Thursday occurs each and every month on South Congress Method in between Barton Springs Road and also Elizabeth Street. This event is basically a big block event where everybody in the city is welcomed. Many of the stores along South Congress remain open late on the first Thursday of on a monthly basis. Along with this, several of the preferred stores along this road have special sales. Several of the dining establishments will certainly have beverage specials, as will certainly some of the bars, or will even give out free beverages on the initial Thursday night of every month. First Thursday is additionally a wonderful possibility to go gift shopping for handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts, in addition to for capturing several of the local skill that Austin needs to offer by watching their walkway reveals throughout very first Thursdays to register for the 100k factory congress review. Find more here:

Speakers Of The 100k Factory World Congress

South Congress’s wacky atmosphere and also unique, homespun ambiance is just one of the many positives of transferring to Austin, Texas. There is no other location in the state of Texas that you can find so many one-of-a-kind stores, such a dynamic ambience, or an excellent area to grab regional deals and promote your community as South Congress Avenue, right there in the heart of Austin, Texas with Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Are you mulling over the positives of relocating to Austin, Texas? Have you heard about the city’s special credibility, as well as the other terrific aspects of the city? Well, the unique credibility that you have actually become aware of from your close friends or online possibly comes from South Congress, the Austin community that is most identifiable for its special feeling as well as fostering of uniqueness, along with local business with 100k Factory. Get the details here: personal 100k factory review –

100k Factory Revolution 2017 Updates

Over the past years, as the internet has expanded tremendously, business have significantly used it to sell their items and also solutions online as well as there are numerous large companies, such as Amazon as well as, who effectively conduct all their company on the Web. Obviously, selling online has a number of advantages compared with even more typical techniques. The Net is a worldwide marketplace, so an online shop has the possible to reach a globally target market for 100k factory eCommerce.

Your business can be open 1 Day a day, 7 days a week, approving as well as processing orders throughout the evening without your treatment. And the lack of guidance enables you to reduce prices, which can convert into savings for your customers, providing your business an one-upmanship. Finally, since you could save the goods in a big warehouse away from the city centre, you will certainly have the ability to keep your stockpile to this day and also in greater amounts, to make sure that any kind of orders can be delivered without delay. Your ecommerce wing will just be successful if it is taken care of successfully, however.