IPMAWC Topic: Gold And Silver

With the global breakdown of the financial markets in 2008, a lot of investors turned to gold as an hedge against inflation.  At the 2015 congress we addressed the isues and tried to understand the market and take educated guesses on what is going to happen. The main topic was gold IRAs and how that can save retirement funds from losing value over time.

Rob Smith from Mineweb.net:

“In recent years after the crash, we have seen a big exponential growth in people (especially baby boomers) investing in precious metals IRAs dramatically increased. I think more and more people are aware of the fact, that the fiat currency just won’t stand the test of time”

The way a gold IRA works is by doing a rollover from an existing account. Try to imagine turning your retirement savings to gold. By including a gold Individual Retirement Account to your financial investment portfolio, you save yourself against inflation. Since March 2017, the rate at which gold is being sold us around $1,245.51, however, is including a gold in your portfolio a good idea?

A gold Individual Retirement Account is a kind of “savings” Account that enables the financier to own physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium instead of fiat currency –  money, stocks, and bonds. It was developed by Congress in 1997, states Edmund C. Moy, primary strategist for Fortress Gold and previous United States Mint director, who supervised the biggest production of gold and silver coins on the planet.

To certify as gold that can be kept as an IRA, specific requirements are needed. “The rare-earth element coins or bars need to satisfy Internal Revenue Service fineness requirements and need to be held by the Individual Retirement Account trustee instead of the Individual Retirement Account owner. The gold needs to be kept in an IRS-approved depository,” states Moy. Financiers do not, in fact, stash gold bars or bullion in their house safes or closets. You may also want to read the review of Rosland capital for more. Another good source would be thegoldandsilverforlife.org


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